Turning Conversations Into Action, An Invitation to the LTG Summit

There are many conversations happening out there in libraryland around issues of gender and technology.

A panel at ALA in two weeks, ongoing conversations about ALA Code of Conduct, the libtechgender group with vast amounts of passionate blog posts, tweets, and face to face conversations — These activities and conversations have been happening for a while and are very, very useful. Sessions, tweets and conversations remind us of the importance of this issue. They are, however, dispersed and do not always allow for the opportunity to delve deeply into action based steps and progress simply due to time available or focus to advance the conversation deeply. We invite you all to bring these conversations to a place where we can take join together to take action.

Read how the Leadership Technology Gender Summit is approaching the framing of the conversation in the challenge question and in the meeting format here and here.

Let’s convene, learn from each other, and do something about it. The LTG Summit is a space to allow us to do this. We invite you all to join us and actively participate in an attendee driven event that gives us the opportunity to take the conversations into action.

Registration is now open: http://www.ltgsummit.org/registration-hotel/

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