What is going to happen over the course of the 3 days?

On Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 LTG organizers have partnered with ER&L to offer workshops that focus on related aspects core to technology and gender in libraries. The goal of our efforts was to bring tech training opportunities closer to home, in an environment that is familiar.

The Summit will officially open Thursday, March 20th. A Keynote presenter will kick things off with an inspiring talk to help us frame the day. For the rest of the Summit, the conversation will be up to you.

Using the Open Space Technology (OST) meeting format, attendees will have time and space to freely identify and address as a group the most pressing issues related to leadership, technology and gender in libraries and related fields.

We will examine how we might build a future for libraries and librarianship free from gender bias.

We hope to inspire practical, actionable approaches and provide a connection point for conversations that are currently happening throughout our communities.

The OST format involves an initial session in which the participants collaboratively create the agenda for breakout sessions for the first day. Because the LTG Summit is action-oriented, a similar process happens on the second day, but with a focus on actionable items, documentation, and collaboration over the short term period of the next year. The meeting is based on the two primary principles of passion and responsibility: passion to jump in and play an active role; and responsibility to lead, and follow through with action. No papers will be submitted or read and everyone will participate.

Open Space puts a focus on convening passionate players across multiple disciplines to address one specific question or theme.

The LTG Summit question is “”What can we do to combat gender inequality and sexism in library technology?”

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